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If your planning a renovation or are in the process of just getting started with your latest renovation project, its always important to consider inspecting your electrical systems.  Its important that before you start any project your home might need a wiring update.

There are a few indicators that your home’s wiring might need an update and it’s very important that these signs not be ignored.
  • Are fuses blowing repeatedly?
  • Breakers tripping?
  • Flickering or surging in lights?
  • Outlets warming or sparking?
  • Tingling sensation when connecting an electrical device to an outlet?

If you experience any of these in your home, it is important to get these issues inspected. Regular inspections by qualified electricians can identify and uncover any potential issues. It is wise to budget some time and money for wiring upgrades as part of any significant renovation processes.

Repairing & Replacing Old or Faulty Wiring.

Typically, electrical wiring is made to last (Over 100 Years!) however, a professional electrician will be able to perform any checks to your wiring and advise if any wiring requires replacement or repairs. On very rare occasions you may need to replace the entire wiring. However, this only is generally needed if the system is severely damaged or is too old.

Lighting & Fans,

Adding and replacing existing lighting and fans are common upgrades for most larger renovations. By changing the positioning and style of your lighting can enhance your space and achieve the look and feel you want in your space. Our electricians can work with you to find the best lighting solution for you.

New Outlets.

New outlets are a great small change you can add to your renovation project. Once your electrical wiring has been checked and everything is in working order you may consider adding new outlets.  In the modern home, new outlets are incredibly advantageous. Outlets can provide more electrical points for your home along with adding extra features such as USB Charging.  This simple change can make your daily indoor activities easier and safer.

Need an Inspection or upgrades? New Generation Electrical Solutions Can Take Care of It!

If you need an inspection or some advice on your next renovation project, give New Generation Electrical Solutions a call at 0413 032 000, and we’ll take care of all your electrical needs sorted quickly, efficiently, and with a smile.

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