What Does ‘Test and Tag’ Mean?

Test and Tag is a process required by WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) to ensure that all Australian businesses are safe places to work. An electrician (or otherwise specified ‘Competent Person’) comes by your place of business and inspects all electrical appliances to make sure they meet Australian standards of electrical safety.

Inspecting electricians use a portable appliance tester to quickly and safely test your appliances for any errors.

These inspections can include:

  • Inspecting the electrical equipment for visible damage
  • checking for tangled or damaged wiring
  • running insulation tests

Once the tests are completed, the appliances are ‘tagged’. These tags include the date of inspection, the due date of the next inspection, and the electrician who performed the inspection.

How Frequently Do I Need to Test and Tag?

This depends on the industry you work in and the safety rating of your workplace.

Typically, businesses that operate in demolition or construction must have their appliances tested and tagged every three months to ensure they meet safety requirements. Factories or production facilities will need to have their equipment inspected every six months.

Businesses with lower risk to their equipment may only need to test and tag their equipment once a year.

What Needs to Be Tested and Tagged?

As a rule of thumb, all portable electrical devices that can be plugged in should be tested and tagged.

New devices will usually only need to be checked and tagged, not tested, as it’s unlikely that a new appliance will have significant issues right out of the box.

Need an Inspection? New Generation Electrical Solutions Can Take Care of It!

If you need an inspection, give New Generation Electrical Solutions a call at 0413 032 000, and we’ll get your equipment tested and tagged quickly, efficiently, and with a smile.

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