What Are 3 Steps to Take to Find a Good Electrician?

Are you looking for a good electrician but aren’t sure where to start? We understand – the electrical system in your property is a delicate interplay of wires and safety switches. You can’t afford to hire a reckless contractor when one mistake could prove disastrous.

Fortunately, vetting your local electrician is as simple as following these three simple steps:

Check Their Certification and Insurance

Electricians vary in their levels of experience. However, to legally offer their services, they must hold a licence from the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC). Ask them for proof of their certification and their standing with the council.

Also, be sure to confirm that the licence is valid for the work you need them to do according to your state’s regulations. And don’t forget to ask if they hold current insurance.

Go Beyond Checking the Reviews on the Electrician’s Site

Everyone highlights the best reviews on their website, so you’ll need to dig a little. How old is the company? How many reviews are there on third-party websites?

Most importantly, do they have relevant experience related to the work you want them to do? An electrician may, for example, be an ace at installing a smoke alarm without ever having rewired a historical building.

Compare Quotes

Get at least two or three estimates to get a basic idea of what your project will cost and how long it’ll take. A reputable electrician will list details such as supplies and labour in their quote. Be wary of rock-bottom prices or an electrician who works much faster than anyone else.

How Should Your Electrician Treat You?

Find out by calling New Generation Electrical Solutions in Sydney on 0413 032 000. Whether it’s an electric circuit that’s lost its spark or a brand-new build, we’ll light up your life.

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