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Surge Protection In Western Sydney

If your property or connecting line has been damaged by a storm or flood, you may need verification tests on your switchboard, wiring, equipment and appliances to be carried out prior to reconnection to ensure the electrical circuits are still working.

We can help to perform this task and a certificate of test will ensure your local electricity distribution entity can reconnect your service.

Surge Protection Installation by New Generation Electrical Solutions in Sydney

Prepare for surges in your electricity by calling New Generation Electrical Solutions at 0413 032 000. Have a surge protector installed before you are left in the dark.

It is important to make sure your property is protected when a storm or flood happens. New Generation Electrical Solutions has a team of experienced experts to install surge protectors to keep your home running. Surge protectors are designed to reroute high spikes of electricity away from your home wires and reduce damage.

Why Install Surge Protectors?

Installing surge protectors can weaken or stop the damage caused by high spikes in electricity. Without the proper amount of surge protectors on your appliances, this influx in voltage can harm your:

  • Outlets
  • Light switches
  • Large appliances (such as televisions, ovens, microwaves, and more)

Whether the damage occurs due to a storm, downed power lines, or small, gradual surges, it is crucial to make sure your home is covered. Prevention is always better than repairing. However, if there is a power surge and you have not prepared, New Generation Electrical Solutions can provide verification tests on your switchboards, wiring, and appliances before reconnecting.

Call New Generation Electrical Solutions in Sydney at 0413 032 000 to schedule your appointment with a licensed professional today.

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