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Dealing with an electrical fault in Sydney requires a trained eye and specialised tools. If you are not an electrician, you will find it best to call New Generation Electrical Solutions to resolve your electricity faults.

Our fully licensed and qualified electricians understand the delicate process of resolving electrical faults. As a family-owned and operated business, we aim to provide high-quality and friendly customer service during every home visit.

Putting your electricity into the hands of a trustworthy professional is essential. See what other customers say about our services on our reviews page.

Indications of Electrical Fault

Some signs of electrical fault are more evident than others. The following includes the most common indications of faulty electricity.

  • Flickering lights: Most lights require small amounts of power to operate. When your lights flicker, your circuit likely has a loose wire.
  • Powerful odours: The wear and tear of your wiring as it ages can produce a burnt smell out of your switchboard.
  • Sparking: Sparks coming out of a plugged-in appliance or outlet requires immediate attention. If you notice any sparking, shut off your main power and call an electrician right away.
  • Tripping fuses: Constantly tripping fuses indicates that the fuse is consuming too much power.
  • Buzzing or clicking noises: Buzzing, clicking, or popping sounds that occur when you use power often result from an unsteady current or wiring behind the switchboard.
  • No power: A power outage indicates the most apparent sign of electrical fault.

It is imperative to remember that these do not represent the only signs of an electrical fault. If you notice any electrical issues, call a licensed electrician right away.

Finding Electrical Fault in Sydney

Finding an electrical fault requires professional electrical services. Identifying the location of a fault is done through a strategic process of elimination. By testing the current at the source and outlet, our licensed electricians can determine the position of the fault and repair it.

When finding an electrical fault in Sydney, you need to hire a licensed electrician over a local handyman. Insurance companies will not payout in the event of a surge or electrical fire if you have the work done by a handyman.

Aside from the technical reasons, hiring an electrician creates a much safer experience. Licensed electricians have an in-depth knowledge of the electrical system and use special techniques to prevent electric shock and other common mishaps.

Professional Electrical Services in Sydney

When it comes to electrical work, you cannot afford any second-guessing. New Generation Electrical Solutions understands the importance of hiring a trustworthy and knowledgeable electrician.

Our electricians stand ready seven days a week to address your electrical problems. We have perfected our techniques for electrical fault finding and know how to resolve your power problems as quickly as possible. In addition, we offer a five-year warranty and upfront pricing to provide customers with the best possible experience.

You can’t control when your electricity malfunctions. Electrical faults and other problems can occur at any time, day or night. That’s why we are available 24/7 for emergency electrical services. Contact us to learn more about the electrical services we offer in Sydney.

When you face electrical problems, don’t hesitate to call your local electrician. Addressing the issue as soon as possible remains the best way to effectively restore your power and prevent further issues.

Whether you hear a clicking sound coming from your switchboard or lose power entirely, let New Generation Electrical Solutions come to your aid. Call us today at 0413-032-000 to schedule a free safety inspection or find your electrical fault in Sydney.

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