What Are 5 Key Signs That Your Office Space Needs Some Electrical Work?

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Regular electrical work in the office is essential to keep your employees safe, improve the energy efficiency of your appliances, and prevent incidents. While having an electrical maintenance plan is the best way to ensure everything is in order, it is also good to know the top signs that your office space requires a licensed electrician to avoid expensive and extensive repairs.

1. Old Insulation or Outdated Electrical Wiring

Outdated wiring poses electrical risks, including a higher chance of injury amongst your workers. The best way to avoid any issues is to schedule a thorough examination by reliable and qualified electricians. They will examine the insulation and replace the wiring for extra electrical safety.

2. Visible Sparks When Plugging or Unplugging Appliances

If you notice sparks when plugging a laptop, TV, printer, or another appliance in the office, it is necessary to call a licensed electrician to inspect the problem. Avoiding this could lead to melting wires, energised electrical outlets, and electrical fire.

3. Warm Outlets

Warm outlets indicate you have electrical issues and need someone to replace them as soon as possible. The electrician will do the necessary electrical work in the office, detect the source of the problem, inspect the voltage input and output, and recommend the best solution.

4. Flickering Lights

Frequent flickering could impact office productivity and cause vision issues. A professional electrician can detect the issue, replace the light bulb, and install safety switches for added security.

5. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

A circuit breaker may trip for numerous reasons. However, if it happens a lot, you need to call a professional to inspect and do the necessary electrical work to prevent bigger issues. The electrician will inspect the connections and wiring so your employees won’t experience work interruptions. If you need a reliable and affordable team to do electrical work in the office, no one is better than New Generation Electrical Solutions. Contact us today at 0413 032 000 to schedule a meeting. We serve Sydney and the surrounding areas.

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