Tesla EV Charger Installation

With more and more people switching from traditional gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles, EV chargers are becoming increasingly popular. Tesla EV installation in Sydney, Penrith is becoming increasingly popular as a brand in the EV industry. 

With Tesla’s EV chargers, customers can choose from a variety of options to suit their needs and preferences. With Tesla, you can find a charger to match your lifestyle, whether it’s at home, at work, or on the go. In addition to being convenient, charging at home or workplace has significant advantages. In the long run, Tesla EV installations in Sydney and Penrith can result in fuel cost savings for EV owners.  

Furthermore, Tesla EV installation in Sydney, Penrith provides greater control over the charging procedure and guarantees that the vehicle is always entirely charged and ready to go.    

Our installation process 

  • Get in contact with the team 
    We can assist you with installing a Tesla EV charger in Sydney, Penrith, by getting in touch with our team.  Our team will assist you with any questions you may have, and we will arrange for a site assessment to determine the best location for your charger. 
  • Site evaluation and quotation 
    We will assess your home or business’ electrical capacity during the site assessment to determine the appropriate charger location. You will be provided with an installation quote based on the information provided. 
  • Supply and installation 
    During the site assessment, we will determine the appropriate location of the charger based on your home or business’ electrical capacity. Based on the information you provide; we will provide you with a quotation for installation. 
  • Client orientation & compliance evaluations 
    As soon as your Tesla EV charger is installed, our team will perform an extensive string of compliance tests to ensure its safe and efficient operation. A training session will also be provided so that you can learn how to use your new charger and address any questions you may have. 

Installing a Tesla home electric vehicle is convenient and cost-effective. Choosing an electrician with electrical experience and a license is crucial to the installation of electric vehicle chargers. Look no further than New Generation Electrical Solutions if you’re searching for a professional team of Tesla EV charger installers in Sydney or Penrith. 

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