Tap Installation & Repair

Tap Installation & Repair

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Fix Your Leaking Taps

Let us help you out by fitting that annoying dripping tap!

Stevos Plumbing provides services for installation, repair, and maintenance of all tapware in Sydney areas like Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Erskine park, Gregory Hills, Miller, Smithfield, and other surrounding areas. Whether you want to fix a leaking tap, upgrade the whole tapware for a modern look, or convert your tap set to a mixer, our plumbers are experienced in servicing all. Our prompt services, upfront pricing, and quality workmanship ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers.

We Can Help In:

  • Tap Service
  • Tap Replacement
  • Tap Leakage
  • Leaking Mixer
  • Mixer Cartridge Replacement
  • Tap Repair
  • Commercial Tapware Service
  • New Tap And Mixer Installations

Get Rid Of All Your Tapware Problems

Leaking taps are completely annoying, and also they waste a large amount of water. While some may feel fixing these leaks is not important, it is best to repair your leaking tap by professionals at Stevos Plumbing Maintenance done before it leads to damage. Don’t ignore such problems! Otherwise, it can lead to further damage and put you at risk of heavy expenses. 

Get Timely Repair For Your Leaking Tap

Water is a valuable, limited natural resource- so it is our responsibility to conserve it. If you have numerous leaking taps in your home, it can cause a lot of water wastage. Also, you will have to pay excessive water bills too. The finest way to prevent this is to repair your leaking taps with expert plumbers as soon as possible.

 At Stevos Plumbing Maintenance, we have a team of experienced and reliable plumbers that deals with every type of plumbing problem, whether it is big or small. When it is a matter of tap repairs, we can address tap problems, such as:

  • Dripping and leaking taps
  • Taps not turning off
  • Leakage around tap handle
  • Taps that don’t turn on or off completely
  • Noisy taps

Affordable Tap Installation and Repair in Liverpool and its surrounding areas

If you are dealing with any of such problems, you must repair leaking taps in no time. Contact us to hire our service! We visit your property with all necessary spare parts and components like change washers, O-rings, and spindles without any delay.

Whether you need to install a whole new tap system or repair a leaking tap, our faster services will complete your service as soon as you hire us.

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