Gas line Installation

Gas line installation

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If correct installation procedures are not followed, working on a gas line might be deadly. This is why you require the services of a skilled heating contractor. Our experts are well-skilled for completing the installation of gas lines in stages.

Identifying the pipe diameter

The first step is to determine the pipe size. This step is critical to ensuring that the appliance receives enough supply of gas to operate correctly. The minimum gas input is given in BTUs per hour. Both the inside and exterior diameters must be measured.

Appropriate materials

Corrugated stainless steel and black iron are two authorised fitting materials that are often used. A valve for each line, pipe joint compound, a pipe wrench, and a variety of additional equipment and fitting materials are necessary, as determined by our specialists.

Correct cutting

Following the fitting of materials, our team of professionals do the correct cutting. When cutting iron pipes, our specialists always preserve the whole internal diameter of the pipe. We also employ PVC lines, which allows for inaccurate measurements.

Disconnect the current line

Our Heating professionals are well-versed in keeping in mind that existing lines must be removed well in advance of the new installation. This is accomplished by turning on the valve and using a pipe wrench to ensure appropriate gas flow.

Splitter installation

The next step is to instal the splitter, which involves removing the old portion of the pipe and screwing in the new part. To avoid leaks, a joint compound is applied to both ends of the connection.


Additionally, some particular requirements must be followed during installation. They avoid ground connections other than those immediately after the cut-off valve or right at the metre. They ensure that a cut off valve is available in the vicinity of the gas appliance. Additionally, a thorough examination is performed to provide the best possible installation outcomes.


Testing is a critical stage in the installation of water heaters or gas lines. It is necessary to conduct an air pressure test, which should be at least 12 times the operating pressure. The plumbing system is inspected for leaks or faults.

Thus, by following the procedures outlined above, our competent heating contractors make gas line installation in residential and commercial settings straightforward, easy, and successful.

We provide a variety of services, including gas line installation, ducting, and water heater installation.

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