Ev Car Charger Installation

With the increasing acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs), now is an excellent moment to become a part of the electric vehicle revolution. A traditional-powered automobile won’t ignite without petrol in the tank, and an electric vehicle will not function without a sufficient battery backup. Electric car charging stations make it easy to charge your car at home. EV home chargers let you charge your electric car as you sleep overnight, when you connect them to your home outlet. Pumping gas seems obsolete once an electric car charger is installed! 

Licensed electricians are the only ones you should trust for electric vehicle charger installation in Sydney. Installing an EV charging station in your home should be done by a licensed electrician with experience. EV charging installation in Sydney can be done with the help of New Generation Electrical Solutions. For a consultation, one of our professionals will come to your home. Before preparing an estimate, they will inspect your installation location and your home’s electrical parameters. As an electric vehicle charger installation in Sydney, we are leading the path for electric vehicles as an EV charger specialist. 

Want an EV charger installed in Sydney but aren’t sure how the process works? Here’s the step-by-step procedure we use to set up your EV charger. 

Counselling and site evaluation 

Following our discussion of your EV charger needs, our staff of EV charger experts will examine your site and establish the best position for your EV charger.  

We also inspect the electrical wiring to guarantee it can accommodate the portion’s demand. This enables us to finalize the installation price. 

Choose the right charger 

We will assist you in selecting the best EV charger for your automobile based on your demands and budget. Whether you require a Level1, Level2, or DC fast charger, we will help you choose the right one. 

Installation of infrastructure 

To install an EV charger, you must install a new electrical circuit or upgrade the existing one. Installation of wiring, conduit and electrical components is our EV charger expert’s responsibility. A panel upgrade is another service we can provide if needed. 

Building and connecting the EV charger 

Our team ensures that all electrical connections are secured, and that the charger is properly grounded. In order to make charging your EV easier, you can mount the charger on the wall or directly to your vehicle via a mounting post. 

Testing and commissioning 

Following the completion of the installation, we will perform testing and commission the EV charger to verify proper operation.   


Ongoing support 

Assuring that your electric vehicle charger is working correctly will be our team’s ongoing responsibility. In addition to providing maintenance and repairs, we will also provide other services. 


It is essential for every owner of an electric vehicle to install a charger. For EV charger installation in Sydney, contact New Generation Electrical Solutions. Electric vehicle chargers installations in Sydney are safe, seamless, and compliant with all safety codes required. Our EV charging equipment is only made from high-quality components sourced from market leaders. Moreover, our EV charger experts perform comprehensive testing and make sure user safety is ensured by using high-quality electrical components. 

Get in touch with us immediately to learn more about our specialized auto-charging output choices for your EV. 

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