5 Tips About Electricity for the New Homeowner

Electrical accidents can sometimes happen due to the homeowner’s negligence or lack of knowledge. At New Generation Electrical Solutions, we want to help you minimise the risk of electrical injuries and keep you and your loved ones safe. So, we have put together a list of tips every new homeowner should know.

#1. When to Turn Off the Power in Your Home

The first thing new owners should know when they move into established homes is how and when to turn off the power. For example, if you are planning any electrical work, it is essential to cut off the power to avoid electrical shocks.

#2. Understand the Circuit Breakers

If you’ve just moved into a new residential property, ask the people who lived in your home about potential issues with the circuit breakers. If necessary, reset the breakers to configure your new appliances.

#3. Explore the Electrical Panel

Whether you want to buy or build a new home as your principal residence, it is crucial to inspect the electrical panel before installation. You don’t want to install a faulty panel that may cause fire hazards in your new home.

#4. Check the Wattages of Your Appliances

As a new homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities, so it is easy to forget to check the wattages of your kitchen or bathroom appliances. However, being aware of the wattage for a certain device can keep you and your family safe and allow you to save on energy bills.

#5. Find a Local Electrician

Whether you are in your current home for the short term or plan to stay a few years, sooner or later, you will need an electrician to help you with the basic tasks. At New Generation Electrical Solutions, we have a team of licensed electricians who can provide you with reliable services. We are the go-to crew in Sydney for any new homeowner, so rest assured you’ll get the best service at the best price. Contact us today at 0413 032 000 to get a free quote.

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